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writing posts for facebook business pages sbw f 0Writing posts for Facebook is quite different than writing normal business content for the web. Facebook is a unique marketing venue that requires a special touch to connect with your fans. Let’s explore some techniques to use when writing posts for your business Facebook page.

When you write for Facebook, your fans are expecting a personal touch. They want to feel as if they are insiders and privy to special information. It’s ok to make your posts informative, but they shouldn’t always be written like a press release. At least some of your posts should talk directly to your readers. Keep your posts professional, although it is all right to be lighthearted every once in a while.

The tone of your Facebook posts should reflect your business or intention. Oprah Winfrey may post about her experience of running two miles that morning, and that’s what the readers want to hear because they are interested in Oprah. They probably do not care if the owner of their local car dealership ran that day or not. They might care that a new model of car has just come into the dealership and what the owner’s thoughts are on its features. Keep the tone and information appropriate.

When considering the content of your posts, you want to be informative and yet friendly. You can post content announcing a new product, a product’s features, a contest or event, or other news or information that is relevant to your readers. Invite your fans to participate on your page by asking a question or presenting a poll. You will see a much higher response rate to your posts than if you just post announcements. The goal is to make your fans feel positive about your company.

Post often but not too often. People become fans of your Facebook page because they want to see posts from you, but don’t abuse that privilege. Filling up your fan’s Facebook page with too many messages can quickly make them click “unlike.” A good rule of thumb is to post no more than once per day, and occasionally allow even more time between posts. The reader should be hungry for more rather than tired of seeing your posts.

Use an image or a video in your post. The presence of a visual image rather than just text will add interest and will capture the attention of your reader. You can easily upload these by choosing either the photo or the video options located above your status box. Not all posts must have images, but a significant number of them should.

You can have a successful Facebook page as long as you keep the basics in mind. Keep your posts informative, friendly and interesting. Use graphics and video to catch your fans eye, especially when his or her Facebook page is already filled with posts from others. Post appropriate content and consider the tone that you want to set for your business, and remember to invite fans to interact.

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