Will you be required to have a social media profile to apply for a job within the distant future?

Creating your social media profile

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Most of the job seekers or employers don’t use social media for a job or employee hunting as yet, but is that scenario going to change in the near future?

A social recruiting survey conducted by Tweetmyjobs reports that, in today’s date, 29% of job seekers use social media as their primary tool for job searching. The ‘Where Do You Search for Jobs’ poll reports similar numbers, with, to date, 28% of respondents use at least one social networking site for finding jobs.

Social network job screening

But it’s  a growing trend and having a positive social media presence is one of the best ways for you to market yourself, to develop networking connections, to join groups and be connected to people  in your fields of interest, and to be accessible to others who are seeking a person with your qualifications, skills, interests, and expertise.

Employers too feel that they can get a better perspective of the job seekers in the social media sites as people tend to be more honest online than they are on their resumes. Experience also shows that you can forecast the future employee’s behavior by watching how the person communicates and behaves online. A large number of employers are using social media and other digital platforms to find candidates with the set of skills they are seeking to recruit the talent. Employers check your social media profiles mainly to find out your professional experience and interests, and also to assess your cultural fit.

Using social media in your job search is about linking yourself into the technological world of social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. And the day is not far away when every employer would want to check the job seekers social media profile before handing him a job.

With time, the social space to recruit qualified talent will only increase and the faster you perfect your digital strategy, the faster you will find a perfect position.

By KJ Mason, G+ profile.

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