Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram?

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Updated as of August 2017, Instagram doesn’t notify you when someone unfollows you, but this can leave people wondering “who unfollowed me on Instagram?”. Some say this is for good reason, if everyone were able to see who wasn’t interested in their account anymore it might cause more harm than good.


Although, for brands that rely on increasing their follower count and do this by following and unfollowing, they really like having an app that can do the dirty work for them. So we have collected some information and reviews available for the top three apps in the market.

Top Follow/Unfollow Apps in The Store:


Followers for Instagram

who unfollowed me on instagram

Current Version: ★★★★☆

All Versions: ★★★★★

This app allows you to find out who unfollowed and or followed you on Instagram. Reviews of the current version are mostly good. One happy customer said that they really love the app and have been using it for three years to unfollow people. Another said that it lags and takes a long time to load the app initially. A disgruntled customer said that there’s something “fishy” about everything that’s offered to unlock and there are issues with the ghost followers and block functions, but that the unfollowers function was sound. Overall this seems to be the crowd pleaser among unfollower apps.



who unfollowed me on instagram

Current Version: ★★★

All Versions: ★★★★

This app touts being “trusted by over 500,000 brands”, although most of its reviews will tell you otherwise. The app claims to offer follower growth tracking, post scheduling, account analytics and more. One happy customer said that for their brand account the app offers the depth of analytics they need and they bought the pro version after using the app for just five minutes. Although the recent update has seen more disgruntled reviews, a couple claiming that the app actually deletes followers you had previously.



who unfollowed me on instagram

Current Version: ★★★★☆

All Versions: ★★★★

InstaFollow keeps track of all your followers and shows you who unfollowed you, allowing you to “quickly” unfollow them back. Reviewers of this app are mixed, some loving it and some hating it. One reviewer said the ads are “unbearable” and it renders the app useless. Another reviewer agreed, saying they cannot get past the ads to even use the app. Although, one happy customer said that they switched to this app when a previous app stopped allowing you to see your unfollowers. So presumably the app works at doing just the thing you need it to do, although getting past the ads seems to be the main issue.



Current Version: ★
All Versions: ★★★★☆

who unfollowed me on instagram?

InsTrack is one of the most popular apps for Instagram community management. It provides powerful analytics and deep insights that empower brands to understand their community and evolve creatively. All you have to do is click the “lost followers” section and it will reveal the users who unfollowed you, without them knowing you know! Some customers who paid for the extra features were disappointed with the app’s recent update which is dismissing their purchases. However, if you’re using the app for free, you shouldn’t run into these problems. InsTrack will send you a notification when you lose or gain followers so that you are constantly up-to-date. This app is definitely one to check out!


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