Vine Video of the Week: Vinelodeon!

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Welcome to 2014. We at Growing Social Media think that this is the year for VISUAL social media! Pictures and Videos! Vine is in the right place, at the right time. Starting in 2013, we have seen some major brands utilize vine videos for advertising and social media outreach.

To kick it off in fashion, we wanted to share this awesome post from PSFK and Social Print Studio!

Social Print Studio created a hand-cranked vine viewer. Yes, analog meets digital. This device is called Vinelodeon, a white box with a small, square display screen in the middle.

Play Vine videos with a hand crank. Forwards or backwards, fast or slow, frame by frame.

Vine + Hand Crank from Social Print Studio on Vimeo.
Will your six second video make it to our Vine video of the week posts?

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We love to feature everyone and anyone, not just brands! We have featured Lil Bub, animation and illustration artists, comedians, and more. Share your video and get featured!

vine glyph 2x Vine Video of the Week: 17!

Download Vine for iOS for iPhone and Google Play store for Android!

Vine is now available for the Amazon Kindle Fire! Get it here.


By KJ Mason, G+ profile.


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