Vine Video of the Week: 2!

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By KJ Mason, G+ profile.

This week’s Vine video is by user, Pinot, an awesome illustrator and designer:

I love the creative use of the 6 seconds! Stop-motion and animation is blowing up on Vine! Pinot is a popular Vine user and makes some amazing videos every week. Pinot did a collection of vines like this on his trip, posted on his blog.

Will your six second video make it to our Vine video of the week posts? Share your videos with us at Growing Social Media!


Since this is Growing Social Media’s second Vine Video of the Week post, we thought we would also share this vlog by Youtuber GrantUchida, discussing: Got Instagram or Vine?

So, Vine? Instagram? BOTH? Let us know!


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Vine for Android now has new camera tools, revining, channels and more. You should see the update soon in Google Play!

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