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This week’s featured Vine video is a little different – usually we stick to representing the smaller, awesome social media community members – but brands make an impact on these platforms! Last night, Dunkin’ Donuts premiered their first TV ad made entirely from a single Vine—Twitter’s six-second video App. It’s really impressive how far social media has taken brands!

Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 5.51.45 PM

“We think a billboard using Vine is dramatically more engaging than a standard billboard with a corporate logo on it,” said Scott Hudler, vp of global consumer engagement, Dunkin’ Brands. “Everyone is multitasking while watching TV with their phone, tablet or laptop. A lot of times, the content on their mobile device is not related to their TV shows. We want to make sure we’re supporting our TV investment with social media that’s [relevant]. It’s our job to make sure that it’s tied together to drive consumer engagement.”

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By KJ Mason, G+ profile.


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