Using Your Twitter Account to Respond to Negative Customer Comments

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3807866838 6a7c0386c9 Using Your Twitter Account to Respond to Negative Customer CommentsManaging the Twitter account and other social media profiles is now a part of any company’s daily routine. For the most part, the vibe is probably pretty positive, and it’s usually a relaxed task. This is a great opportunity to interface with your customers, to drive business to the website, and to create an excellent rapport within your sales demographic.

Occasionally, though, there will be the negative tweet about a legitimate problem with a product or service. And that’s okay. This provides an opportunity to be to show your entire buying base that you really do care about your customers and that you want to make it right.

There are, on the other hand, the trolls and the folks out there who simply need to complain about something. The way that each is handled is a bit different.

Assess the motivation of the tweeter.


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