Using Reddit To Generate More Leads?

Reddit for more lead generation

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If you have a product or brand you want to promote on Reddit, there are a few things you need to do to create more leads. In this article, you’ll be shown what you need to do to generate successful leads.

Don’t Spam

Stop Spammin on Reddit

First of all, Reddit is a website that displays popular links and information. Unfortunately, Reddit is so unique that brands may find it difficult to navigate. But what you need to realize is that advertisers are expected to show extreme authenticity and transparency. If you think you can get away with spamming and hard selling, think again. In other words, you can’t use Reddit the same way you use Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.

Change your mind-set about Reddit engagement

Reddit engagement

Learning how engagement on Reddit works is invaluable. Engagement on Reddit takes place in subreddits, which are niche communities of passionate people about a specific topic. Examples of such niche communities include: frugal (which discuss how to save money), buildapc (which discuss how to build a PC) and whiskey (which shares all things that are related to whiskey).

As a business, you need to change everything you know about marketing and learn the ropes. Instead of marketing on Reddit, focus on supporting the subreddits that one joins. This is about thinking more about offering solutions and sharing resources.

After identifying subreddits that fit your niche, it helps to rank them according to how relevant they are in terms of your marketing goals and concentrate on those that are most relevant.

Identify engagement opportunities

Identify engagement opportunities

This works just like any other social media. You need to set aside some time during the day to engage the Reddit community on niches related to your business. For instance, you can search relevant keywords and start commenting.

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