U.S. Social Media ‘Giving Day’: July 15th!

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By G+ Author: KJ Mason.

Have you ever wished that donating to a charity would be as easy as a click of a button? Nowadays, you can do so via many websites and even by texting a few short numbers to easily donate to the Red Cross for relief, for example. But now you can share and donate easily with the social media platform, Twitter.

More than 32 per cent of Internet users are now on Twitter, with the largest concentration located in the U.S. This year, figures show that this platform has 500 million users, 200 million active users, and that one million new accounts are started every day. Politicians too, are active on the site, using it to connect, campaign and debate, all in a tweet; President Obama’s victory tweet was re-tweeted a record 800,000 times. On a busy day, Twitter sees about 175 million tweets. Seventy five per cent of companies now use Twitter as amarketing channel.


So, why not use all this ‘real time power’ and turn it into gold for charities and causes? Well, that is exactly what’s happening through the creativity of a new tool called Givver, which will enable Twitter to become even more powerful and dynamic, as it will be used to help charities.

Givver is rallying the American social media community on 15 July to set a world record for the most donations given in one day through social media. People can give money to the charities or causes that matter most to them, with one simple tweet and via Givver, people can securely connect with other givers and charities.

Will you give?

All people need to do is: sign the pledge, register for Givver, then #give to your favourite causes through Twitter; you simply tweet your donation to a charity. Then, it safely charges your credit card and the charity receives the donation. Moreover, and what’s very attractive, is that Givver doesn’t charge a fee, so the donation’s impact is maximised! No fee is the best fee 😉

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Givver’s mission is to transform charitable giving by turning followers into givers, enabling individuals to support the charities they admire in seconds by using the power of social networks to influence others to contribute. Any charity can sign upand use this empowering scheme to turn their followers into donors. There are currently 35 charities on board, including some political candidates. It costs the charity nothing to sign up to use the service.


Charities and causes can nurture human connections and relationships on a much larger scale online than can be done by going out and meeting supporters personally. There are now over 2.8 billion social media profiles, which is representative of about half of all internet users in the worldand a British survey called the 2012 Social Charity Index by Visceral Business says U.K. charities have doubled the number of followers they have attracted on key social media channels. The top 100 charities now have 3.7 million followers on Twitter up from two million in 2011. Twitter is a platform that creates social and human conversations. So, attaching dollars to the emotion, impulse and conversation is a clever ploy by Givver.

Go to givver: http://www.givver.com

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