Two useful apps to manage your Social Media

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All those who publish content on various social media know how tedious it can be to manage all these media at once; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+, Youtube… Open and close a minimum of 6 tabs per window on your computer, as well as opening and closing their apps on the tablet and the phone, copying and pasting the same or different texts in every social media can be exhausting and confusing; we realize we need some sort of social media control when we start accidentally posting our personal problems within the company Facebook or Twitter account and we wonder “Why there has not been any Likes or Replies from my friends?… That’s not my profile picture!”

Thanks to technology, today we can manage all our social media with 2 very useful apps we can get for free, saving our personal and professional life.


In words of the creators, IFTTT (“If This Then That”) is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement:

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This formula you see up here is named “Recipe” in which you have two Ingredients: the Trigger (this) and the Action (that), with which you can make your own customized “Recipes” mixing Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other 138 different Channels, each Channel, has its own Triggers and Actions.

For example: “If I use certain hashtag on Facebook (trigger) then it will be published on Twitter too (action)” or something more complicated like “If I publish something on my personal facebook account with the hashtag #ilovemycompany (trigger) then it will be published on the company’s Twitter account, the Facebook fan page and will download as a file into my Pocket (action)”.



Ok, If you need an easiest and simple app to manage your social media, Everypost is the app you are looking for. Post multimedia content across multiple social platforms, customize your content per social network or just write and forget about the limitation of 140 characters.

Everypost differs from other simple apps by offering the opportunity of posting simultaneously on Facebook (personal account and business account), Twitter, Google+ (personal account and business account), Pinterest, Tumblr, LinkedIn (personal and business account), Mail and Dropbox.

No more endless apps, taps, clicks and confusion! Thank you IFTTT and thank you Everypost, now we can make unlimited simultaneous actions between all social media we currently use, with just one app.

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