Twitter study: Women tweet more but men complain more

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Women tweet more but men are bigger complainers, according to a new study of Twitter use.twitter study women tweet more but men complain more owrpe 0

Women on Twitter talk more about personal matters, television programmes and work, the study found, while men are most likely to tweet about sport, gaming and news

When it comes to tweets related to brands, women are far more likely than men to be entering competitions, while men are much more likely than women to be complaining.

Women tweet around 15 times a day, on average, compared with nine updates per day from men, according to the study of 1,000 British Twitter accounts by Brandwatch.

“Many studies have shown that men and women use more similar language online than offline, so we were surprised to see such clear differences in the results,” said Edward Crook, an analyst at Brandwatch. “140 characters encourages many of the non-standard features of spoken language, which could explain this divide.

“It is clear though that men and women are both discussing different topics on Twitter and using different language to do so.”




Check out the original source here.

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