Twitter Announces Twitter Alerts

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On Wednesday September 25, Twitter announced it’s latest product update – Twitter alerts. Growing out of last years launch of Lifeline (a service that helped Japanese users find emergency accounts), Twitter alerts is designed to get important, and accurate information from credible organizations during emergencies and natural disasters, when other communication channels are cut off.

Twitter has been used in natural disasters many times before, and has previously lead to false reporting. This latest product improvement hopes to streamline the use for maximum efficiency, and true information. Users who sign up, will receive notifications, via SMS or push notification, when the account makes a tweet that is marked as an alert. Alert tweets will also appear differently in the home feed, marked by an orange bell.

twitter alerts

To subscribe, simply go to an account’s setup page (found at[username]/alerts). You can see if an organization is a part of the program either via it’s profile or by reading the full list here. Visit the FEMA alerts page for an example.


By G+ Author: Erin Washington.

Sources: B&T Twitter


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