Turning a negative customer experience into a positive one

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Why do some people hate calling tech support or a customer service center? We all know that these people at the other side of the line can sometimes be very rude and unhelpful. As a customer we won’t think about a technical problem with our device because then we have to call to these rude people from the customer service center.

Not every call to a support center will end with yelling to the man of the technical support. In the best case, there is a helpful man or lady who directs you immediately to the right solution. When you have a good experience with the customer service center you won’t forget the bad ones. You’ll always remember the bad ones. What you will get is a little bit more confidence in the help center, but this won’t make sure you’ll never experience a bad one anymore.


80% of the American customers have had a bad service experience. What they do is tell this to their friends and colleagues. More than 60% survey respondents have a Facebook or Twitter account or they have even their own blog. 40% own a smartphone or an other mobile device/tablet with data plans. It is via this way that a lot of damage is caused to a company ‘s reputation. A bad reputation can cause less sales, so it is a circle what keeps rolling.

Therefore, it is critically important that businesses of all types and sizes work hard to deliver great experiences for customers. Not doing so could cost your business customers and revenue.


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