Is Tumblr the next big social network?

Tumblr social networking

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The usage of social networking sites is a reflection of the dynamic thoughts and ideas of connectivity among people. It’s usually about what ticks them into staying together. Now, you could vary from being superficially in-touch to creating a serious discussion panel online. So does vary the platforms people choose from time to time. Facebook has been the ultimate king of social media with twitter following up closely. Both offer quick interaction links, posts, updates, and messenger.  But apparently, others aren’t too far behind.

The next big social network

Tumblr – a social networking site launched in 2007 by David Karp has become the favorite of the under-25 crowd in US. Its popularity arises from the real and authentic experience it is known to deliver to the users. This is because, on Tumblr, focus is more on the creation of something rather than on a buzz. ‘Follow the World’s Creation’ says the tumbler page where 147.4 Million blogs and 67.1 posts exist. The site receives 6.6 million page views per month by people who consider it a mixture of Twitter, WordPress, and Instagram.

Submit articles or share effortlessly, post by email or have audio posts, Tumblr’s efficiency puts it on the 6th rank worldwide as per the Quantcast report. Due to millions of its unique visitors, Tumblr also attracts businesses which contribute to 14% of its users. According to a report, it is the fastest growing startup which is worth 1/4th of Facebook’s pricing.

Tumblr has its crests and troughs. As a network, the site is appreciated by people who do not enjoy third party interferences. Therefore, it hosts no event activities, no groups or multi-user games. It is driven by creative users who have the sense to share through posts and private messages. More likely, Tumblr is a matured up, meritocratic platform, which attracts the youth and adults, but misses on the fun of randomized chitchatting. Thus said, Tumblr has yet to approach a wider portion of the world in its upcoming years.

By KJ Mason, G+ profile.

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