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Do you have a list of all those wonderful places in the world you want to visit? Can’t decide where to go next?

Here’s a possible solution to prioritise your travel. It’s called Tripnary and it’s kinda like Tinder but for travel. Through a combination of data and personal preference tells you where you should visit!

You can discover trending places and pick and save the ones that you would love to visit. You can add landmarks, restaurants, museums, best kept secrets and even cities to your list.

Your decision for where to go will be even easier when you realise this app helps you compare the airfares at the tap of a button, choosing the most economical option has never been so simple. It’s well suited for leisure travellers who can be flexible with their destinations.


When a user swipes right, the things the user likes get saved and categorised by destination, swiping left discards that option.

If you’re already at your destination, Tripnary can give you some ideas on things you can do there.

Get if for free on the App storetoday!

Where will you be going next? Tell us in the comments.

via Mashable

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