Trash the Dress: 20 of the Most Outrageous Photos

trash the dress

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“Trash the dress”, also known as “fearless bridal” or “rock the frock”, is a style of wedding photography that contrasts elegant bridal clothing with a setting that is out of place.

Allegedly this trend started around 2001, courtesy of wedding photographer, John Michael Cooper. Although, with the average wedding dress costing $1,211, it’s hard to imagine why a bride would want to demolish a dress that many believe is the most important dress of a woman’s life.

These brides might just want to render the dress unwearable in the future, because, let’s face it, it’s not going to be worn ever again anyway. Another theory is that brides are hoping to “stick it” to the wedding industrial complex. Either way, we have decided to hunt down some of the more outrageous photos of brides trashing their dresses, simply for your viewing pleasure!

20. They say love is journey but they didn’t say it was by train… 

trash the dress

19. Because your life needs a little more color. 

trash the dress 1 (1)

18. Or a lot more color? 

trash the dress

17. All that sand cannot be…comfortable. 

trash the dress

16. Pillow fight?

trash the dress 9

15. I feel like I can smell this picture…trash the dress 3

14. Ariel? Are you going back?!

trash the dress 8


13. Sticken to her roots! Boots n’ all! 

trash the dress 7

12. Not in the face… jeez!

trash the dress 13

11. This actually looks fun.

trash the dress 10

10. I feel sorry for the snow. 

trash the dress 11

9. Ahhhh frostbite! 

trash the dress 12

8. I don’t know how I feel … 

trash the dress 19

7. They’re enjoying that a bit too much..

trash the dress 14

6. OKAY – WHAT!?

trash the dress 15

4. Was this planned?!

trash the dress 16

3. Again?! Is this real?! 

trash the dress 17

2. Okay, girl… clean yo self. 

trash the dress 4

1. There’s just something very scary about this… 

trash the dress 18

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