Top 5 Celebrities on Facebook and Twitter

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By G+ Author: Erin Washington.

The arrival of the Royal Baby got us all at Growing Social Media wondering – who are the top 5 celebrities on Facebook and Twitter? Number 5 might surprise you!

1. Rihanna

Rhianna Top Celebrities Social Media

With a total of 105,084,742 followers/fans across Facebook and Twitter Rihanna comes in at number one. Maybe it came after her recent 777 tour, or maybe it’s her swag that’s got us all hooked – either way it looks like the world can’t get enough of RiRi!

2. Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber Top Social Media Celebrities

Coming a close 2nd, there are 98,288,907 Beliebers in the combined Facebook and Twitter worlds. Who would’ve thought that a 19 year old could cause so many hearts to skip a beat!

3. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Top Social Media Celebrities

The eccentricities of Lady Gaga have won the hearts of  97,774,327 fans across Facebook and Twitter. 

4. Katy Perry

Katy Perry Top Social Media Celebrities

A far cry from her beginnings in gospel music, Katy has 95,388,549 fans on Facebook and Twitter. 

5. Eminem

Eminem top Celebrities Social Media

Eminem’s straight talking lyrics have earned this 8 mile resident 89,032,659 fans on Facebook and Twitter. I wonder what is daughter, Hailie thinks of his fame?

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