Top 4 Instagram Analytics Tools

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Instagram is a wonderful app – I love it! Every since it launched in 2010, it has changed the world of social media by making it more visual. And it works! With more than 7.3 million active users every month, it is one of the most popular social media apps.

If you are a social media lover, you’ll probably have an Instagram account yourself. But having just an account is not enough if you want to be noticed among the millions of users. You’ll have to stand out  by being authentic and by being creative with your account. Other than that, you’ll have to track your followers and unfollowers, track your most popular posts etc. to see what makes your profile grow.

Luckily, there are tools to help you with optimizing and tracking your Instagram account. Here are the top 4 best Instagram Analytics Tools.

1. Statigram


Statigram gives you all the important data you need about your Instagram posts. Your account history, growth monitoring, optimization tips and community insights. Furthermore there’s a Comment Tracker, Instagram Feed tab for Facebook pages, a photo gallery widget and tools to create contests on Instagram! Check Statigram out, by clicking here.

2. Nitrogram


With Nitrogram you can get detailed reports about the hashtags you are using. Monitor your followers and see where your most important followers are located geographically. Measure data about the campaign(s) you are running on Instagram and analyzing engagement across your account. Other features are: benchmarking your competition, managing brand advocates, measure social engagement on Instagram and agency features. For more information about Nitrogram, click here.

3. Piqora


Our third best Instagram analytics tool is Piqora. This tool let’s you analyze your Instagram account, see what photos drive most engagement, what hashtags are most popular, etc. Incorporating an Instagram hashtag contest? Piqora provides you all the data you need to track how much engagement the contest is having. You can also monitor and track every hashtag you are using through your Instagram posts. Track what people are saying about your brand/company with the comprehensive CRM tool. For more information about Piqora, click here.

4. Curalate


Curalate does basically the same work as most Instagram analytics tools, but we think that Curalate has the most attractive lay-out! Curalate give you insights about your Instagram (and Pinterest) posts, enables you to use User Generated Content, monitoring your Instagram community and create Instagram and Pinterest contests. For more information about Curalate, click here.

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