Top 10 Instagram Statistics 2013

By G+ Author: Erin Washington.


Instagram’s popularity has seen exponential growth since Facebook acquired the company, reaching 100 million active users just 5 months ago. As the growth continues, we thought we’d share with you our top 10 Instagram Statistics.

1. Instagram users upload 40 milion photos to the site each day.

2. 17% of teenagers think Instagram is the most important social network

3. There are 8500 likes per second

4. African-Americans and Hispanics are more likely than Caucasian people to use Instagram

5. There have been over 16 billion photos shared on Instagram

6. In the first 24 hours following the release of Instagram Video, 5 million videos were posted

7. MTV is the most followed brand on Instagram with 1.5 million followers

8. Instagram is most popular with people aged between 18 and 29

9. 67 of the top 100 brands are on Instagram (as of May 1st)

10. The 67 top brands on Facebook see 5,603 engagements per photo on instagram.

sources: Factbrowser, Gigaom, Media Bistro Expanded Ramblings Pew Research Center Marketing Land

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4 Responses

  1. RobertWasson says:

    Quite useful statistics about Instagram… one of the fastest growing social media platform..

  2. LewisSmith1 says:

    These facts are unbelievable, but true.. Instagram is really growing fast and will be in the list of top 5 social media sites..

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