What Tool to Use for Measuring Social Media Marketing Performance

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If you are engaged in social media marketing, it is important to measure your rate of return on investment otherwise abbreviated as ROI. So if you have decided to intensify your social media marketing strategies, you might as well gather some tools you would be using to measure how well you are performing.

According to Offerpop, here are top tools you can use to measure your social media marketing performance.

Social media marketing with highest ROI

Sentiment analysis

One of the most-important part of measuring your social media ROI is to determine whether the reactions are negative or positive (remember ROI does not have to be measured in monetary terms alone). If you are unable to tell whether things like Twitter mentions are negative or positive, then you might not be able to know whether you are making progress or not. Some of the social media sentiment analysis tools include:

Viral Heat: The tool provides sentiment analysis for Twitter posts

Tweet Feel: This is a real-time Twitter sentiment analysis tool

Crimson Hexagon: This tool is used at enterprise-level to measure Twitter sentiments

Social Media Product Suites

Social media product suites are extremely useful when it comes to measuring social ROI. Most of them are used in big corporations and big brand. These tools certainly have an edge when it comes to providing all-composing tool sets.

Examples of some of these tools include:

Virtue SRM: This tool is dedicated to managing and getting insight on your social media accounts. It does analytics for Twitter and Facebook accounts.

ContextOptional: This tool offers both social media moderation console and social reportage console for Facebook.

Salesforce.com: This tool is designed to integrate Facebook and Twitter results and pages. You can use this tool to improve your relationships with customers.

What tools do you use to measure your social media ROI? Let us know in a comment below!

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