The Three, Free Photo Apps You Need for Social Media!

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If Facebook and Instagram act as indicators, it’s clear that people love using social media to share photos. But face it- a lot of people manipulate photos to make sunsets more colorful, skin clearer and vertical pictures square. See how they do it and more with these best photo apps, which are free to download!


1. Aviary

For free, users can edit photos in all sorts of ways. Of course there are traditional capabilities like brightening, sharpening and enhancement, but Aviary also suits more superficial needs. Users can whiten teeth, fix blemishes and correct red eye . Or, people can enhance photos based on subject matter with different editing tools for food, landscape and people. Overlays also act as fun filters to layer specific shapes on top of photos (like a circle, diamond or cross). Once the picture is ready, users can save the edited download or directly share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, GroupMe, email or text.


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2. Image Sizer

Can’t get a picture to fit perfectly within the Instagram square frame? Image Sizer will automatically take any picture and squeeze it into a square shape with white backdrop. From there, users can choose a colorful or patterned background (and after rating the app users can download additional options). People can also fit multiple pictures into one frame or add a shape on top of the photo. Lastly, users can select filters offered by the app then share to Instagram, Facebook, email or text.

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3. Google Photos

After investing time for photos to look polished with Aviary and fit a correct frame with Image Sizer, make sure you can save and find them later with Google Photos. With unlimited cloud storage, you can access your photos from any device. But it’s difficult to find one photo in thousands… until Google’s visual search. Even without a text description, a keyword can locate photos (think sunset or ice cream). Then make your photos come to life and make gifs, interactive stories, animations and more! Finally, Google Photos also offers editing and sharing.




And that’s it. Delete the rest of your photography apps (besides your social media ones!). With these three apps, you have every editing, sizing, sharing and saving possibility in the palm of your hand.

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