The Snapchat Update Users Are Begging For!

snapchat update

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If we can count on any social media platform to have fun, unpredictable updates, it’s the unannounced Snapchat app updates. Snapchat has surprised us with tons of exciting features we weren’t expecting- from Snacphat Lenses to Snapcash. But sometimes less is more. Here are the Snapchat updates we really need and really want, as plain as they may be!

We’re starting with the Snapchat update we need the most…


1) Groups on Snapchat

Instead of going through our Snapchat friends list or just selecting from top friends we always Snap, it would be great to have pre-selected groups. Think, sending snaps to your 17 cousins in one tap of the group- Cousins. Or sending your coworkers a quick video from work in a coworker groups. Or sending “family friendly” Snapchats to parents on social media. Snapchat Groups would be an organized method to engage with more people!


2) Moving Graphics on Filters

Sometimes we want to show people it’s 12 degrees outside without the temperature right in the middle of the screen. Or sometimes the “Times Square” Geo-filter is blocking too much of Times Square. Being able to resize and relocate Snapchat filters would improve photos for everyone!


3) Bringing Back Best Friends

Best Friends was a way to tell which friends were snap chatting eachother the most. In one of the major updates, Snapchat replaced the feature. But then, and now, we want it back! It’s a fun way to see who your friends are flirting or talking with the most. It’s a little bit of insight most apps choose not to disclose. It made Snapchat unique and our gossip more juicy!


4) Search Celebrities

More and more celebrities are joining Snapchat. DJ Khaled has reinvented his brand with Snapchat. Kyle Jenner gives continuous Keeping Up With The Kardashians footage through her story. Even the Queen of Social Media, Kim Kardashian, hints that she may be joining in 2016.

Snapchat is not just a social media fad. It’s surprised and delight fans with constant Snapchat updates. Nevertheless, while Snapchat has proved that they can come up with inventive updates, they’re overlooking the simple features users want. In our next post, we will review the best and worst Snapchat updates. Join our conversation! What Snapchat updates do you feel are missing?

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