The Royal Birth is sparking Brands to respond via Social!

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We recently discussed how Oreo was a successful brand to reach out via Social Media. Well, Oreo is on top of its’ game still – but other brands followed in regards to the birth of the royal baby in the UK.

According to Business Insider, Oreo, now famous for its real time social media marketing following its Super Bowl blackout tweet, offers royal baby bottle service. (“Long live the creme.”)

oreo royal babyTwitter





Business Insider also put together a compilation of other brands that have spoken up on Twitter:

Charmin is already looking forward to the potty training years.

charmin royal babyTwitter


Hostess used the baby birth as an opportunity to talk about the Twinkie’s comeback:

twinkie hostess royal baby birthTwitter


Nintendo is trying to pretend that the real royal baby birth never happened:

nintendo royal baby twitterTwitter


Pampers released a video about how every baby is a prince or princess (clearly made before the sex of the baby was known):


pampers royal babyTwitter



Starbucks recreates a royal family out of coffee cups. Shockingly the names are spelled correctly:

starbucks royal baby twitterTwitter


Procter & Gamble photoshopped a crown on a baby:

royal baby procter & gamble twitterTwitter


Pizza Hut is going the discount route:


pizza hut royal baby twitterTwitter


Domino’s went with a more clever, albeit less money-saving, route:

domino's pizza royal baby twitterTwitter


And Coca-Cola decided just to focus on Will and Kate:

coca-cola royal babyTwitter



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