The Periodic Table of Google Analytics

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Periodic Table of Google Analytics | Visual.

The following is a guest post from Jeff Sauer, Vice President at Three Deep Marketing, a Google Analytics Certified Partner. Jeff writes often about Digital Marketing at his Jeffalytics Blog and he writes about Travel on his Free World Traveler blog. 

I have long compared Google Analytics to the slogan for board game Othello: “A Minute to Learn, a Lifetime to Master” because it is so easy to get started, yet there are so many customization options and continuous product improvements that it takes years to master all aspects contained within GA.
The Google Analytics team has done such an amazing job at making the product easy to use that a significant portion of the web measures their website performance with Google Analytics. With that said, I’ve found that because it is so easy to use, not all marketers are aware of the advanced features contained within GA.
While conducting in-person Google Analytics training the past several years, I have been looking for the best way to show my students just how much they can do with Google Analytics. While a comprehensive classroom session goes a long way, a more elegant way of simplifying the complex is also valuable in the long run.
After much brainstorming with colleagues, we came up with the idea of creating the Periodic Table of Google Analytics, inspired by similar periodic table pieces that have ran in the past by well known marketing focused websites. Since the concept works so well for displaying many elements in one place, it worked perfectly for defining the 60+ elements that were included in the Periodic Table of Google Analytics. We hope you enjoy the results!

the periodic table of google analytics aret 1

We created the table to be consumed in many different ways. On, you will find an interactive version of the table which gives an explanation of each element as you hover over. You can also find a printable PDF version of the document for printing at home. Last, we have created an embeddable graphic that you can share on your site.
Posted by Jeff Sauer, Google Analytics Certified Partner
the periodic table of google analytics aret 2 the periodic table of google analytics aret 3

the periodic table of google analytics aret 4

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