The Most Popular Hashtag Of Last Week On Social Media

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What was The Most Popular Hashtag Of Last Week?

The answer is, might have guessed,
It was all about International Women’s Day.

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On March 8th,
Women around the world took the social media to celebrate the big day. International Women’s Day.


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1. #OneDayIWill

Google started a day with special initiative by setting Google Doodle Campaign, #OneDayIWill. For this, the Google Doodle team have visited 13 countries and asked more than 300 women and girls to share their dreams by completing the sentence, “One day I will….” This campaign was to encourage women who wants to accomplish their goals across the globe. Through this, Google aimed to take a moment to honor wonderful achievement of women in various area and beyond. Ellen DeGeneres, Michelle Obama and Whoopi Goldberg support Google #OneDayIWill campaign.




2. #SheInspiresMe

On the other hand, @TwitterWomen invited everyone to talk about the women in our lives with #SheInspiresMe hashtag to join a celebration parade. To mark the occasion, Twitter also announced to unlock secret emoji for tweets with #SheInspiresMe hashtag during the month of March. With #SheInspiresMe hashtag, you can read the stories of the inspirational women that Women for Women International support.  Feel free to use the hashtag #SheInspiresMe to spread the love and share your stories. Let’s make this campaign a memorable one!




3. #HeForShe

What is #HeForShe? Having launched in 2014, #HeForShe has become a solidarity movement led by the United Nations. Its goal is to engage men and boys as agents of change for the achievement of gender equality and women’s rights. By encouraging them to take action against inequalities, UN hopes to spread awareness for young people as advocates and agents of change. Like Emma Watson’s courageous and bold speech has showed its power to us, the support on #HeForShe hashtag opened discussion as a feminist activism on social media. For further information, watch the video of Emma Watson’s speech at the United Nations in 2014 and visit the HeForShe website.

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