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Exercising is not an easy feat. Sometimes, we need help or inspiration. The easier thing to do is to find a friend to exercise with you. Many Apps these days are health apps, that help monitor, track, and set goals for exercising – which is a huge help!

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What is Teemo? It can feel impossible to squeeze time for fitness into life’s ever-expanding to-do list. And when we do exercise, it can feel more like “work” than fun. That’s why we created Teemo.

Teemo is a game for the iPhone designed to help us find the time to work out and increase our overall fitness, all while having fun with a team of friends.

By combining short, simple exercises with an adventure game you can play with friends, Teemo turns exercise into the kind of playful, encouraging fun it should be.


Watch the video!

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A simple, effective workout approach

  • Short, understandable workouts based on established exercise research
  • No special equipment required besides you and an iPhone or
    iPod touch
  • No need for workout clothes (but we don’t recommend running in heels)
  • Low, medium and high difficulty levels, and 105 instructional videos

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Designed for fun with a team of friends

  • Invite Facebook friends to play Teemo with you
  • Complete challenges together,
    even when you’re apart
  • Track your team’s progress and send encouragement along the way
  • Share your progress and best achievements on Facebook

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Brought to life through virtual adventures

  • 10 entertaining adventures to
    choose from
  • Choose to focus on strength, endurance or flexibility
  • Collect rewards as you progress
  • Connect real-world exercises with virtual achievements


No, currently all players need to be on Facebook to be part of a team (although anyone can certainly play solo), because Teemo uses Facebook Connect to enable our social features.



By KJ Mason, G+ profile.

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