Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Update

On August 6 Facebook announced their latest update to the News Feed ranking algorithm. The goal of News Feed is to deliver the content users want to see, when they want to see it, ideally in the order they’d like.

Instagram Ups the Video Ante

Instagram have up’d the ante of their video offering with Instagram 4.1. New changes and updates are always exciting! Usually it is bug fixes but this time there is a nifty tool that straightens your photos!

The deal with content marketing!?

In today’s content-driven world, it is imperative that brands and publishers identify the most engaging content for their consumers using the most applicable KPI’s.

Do We Need Just Another Chat App No, We Need MessageMe

Yes, I am going to tell you about another messaging app that you need to download, and you are going to roll your eyes why are you even reading on The fact is that MessageMe, yes, another chat appis my favorite app of 2013 by a huge margin. The world of third party messaging apps is […]

Audible: How the audiobook service significantly annoyed me tonight

I thought Audible were better than this kind of rubbishy user experience trash. Apparently I’ve activated the service too many times on my phones. And that’s it. Game over. Goodbye. Buzz off and write us an email is their suggestion. Utterly ridiculous. If you’ve got a licensing issue, innovate. Think outside the flipping box and […]