Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts Compete for Engagement on National Coffee Day

On national food and beverage holidays, brands look to communicate with fans over social media to celebrate their products. On September 29, people woke up with a cup of joe while reading countless social media posts recognizing National Coffee Day. America’s two largest coffee giants, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, utilized different strategies and platforms. Coffee […]

Social Media Strategy: Hashtag-happy Industries

Sometimes, people use hashtags in a joking and superfluous manner- but they are intended to be used as a tool. Whereas Instagram and Tumblr use hashtags for identification purposes, Twitter and Facebook utilize hashtags to start conversation. With social media functioning as a two-way communications platform, a variety of industries have found hashtags as a […]

Twitter and Facebook Brag about World Cup Interactions

The calm after the World Cup storm: Americans return to their preferred sports, Google’s homepage transitions back to its traditional look, and #WorldCup has finally fallen off the trending radar. Now, social media networks and analysts reflect on the record-breaking event with charts, articles and videos. Twitter scored 672 million tweets during the tournament. Twitter […]

A Pop Quiz for Twitter Accounts

Time’s up- pencils down. Time Magazine developed a tool to calculate a Twitter account’s reading level. By referencing a user’s 20 most recent tweets, an approximate reading level is determined using a variation of the SMOG formula for JavaScript. However, the Twitterverse doesn’t exactly earn a gold star: Time found that most tweets rank in the […]

Don’t read the news. Skimm it.

Your commute just became more insightful. Monday through Friday, theSkimm delivers concise news stories hailing to the company’s motto “We read. You Skimm.” The e-newsletter covers headlines ranging from that day’s political news to World Cup updates. Sent at 6 a.m. ET, theSkimm is ready with the news when readers are. theSkimm gives a brief, conversational-tone […]

Pinterest And Instagram Are More Popular With Hotels Than Facebook And Twitter

Hotels using Pinterest and Instagram

Visual search engines like Pinterest and Instagram are more popular than social networking giants Facebook and Twitter with the hotel industry. Pinterest has grown rapidly in the past couple of years, and hotels have been capitalizing on its wide reach. Pinterest and Instagram are based on the concept of photo-sharing and hotels are now using […]

Golden Social Gurus: Twitter!

Twitter is a huge part of social media today, with most brands, celebrities and everyday people using it multiple times a day to share content, brand messages and much, much more. Our two Twitter Golden Gurus are Sean Gardner and Kim Garst!

New Twitter Design

Last week there was some news about Twitter in the Social Network World. Twitter will get a new design if everything goes well. The changes or improvements seem to be on the design only. There won’t be huge remarkable improvements. Below you can find some screenshots of the new design compared to the current format. […]

Social Media Marketing Gone Wrong: Very Public Twitter Fails

As much as there are numerous success stories on the use of Twitter in online marketing efforts, there are still a handful of Twitter marketing fails which can be singled out. Here are some of the most popular social media marketing attempts (via Twitter) gone wrong.

Manage your online presence!

The Internet is ageless and continues far beyond the limits that you might like. In other words, what you write today may haunt you in the future. Avoid the pitfalls of social media!

Starbucks launches “Tweet a Coffee”

via Mashable Coffee giant Starbucks is launching Tweet-a-Coffee, a beta program that lets you buy a $5 gift card for friend via Twitter. The steps are simple; Sync your Starbucks account to Twitter here Link a Credit Card to your account Send a tweet to @tweetacoffee, including the Twitter handle of the intended recipient The […]