How To Write a Killer Bio for Your Social Media Profiles

social media bios

Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook…these are all names that have become household names since the beginning of the social media revolution. Virtually every aspect of today’s stationary and mobile computing worlds is centered around social media and the advantages it brings. Far past being a simple tool for communication and sharing, social media has become the lynchpin of today’s […]

Successfully using Instagram for Businesses

instagram business

With over a 150 million users, Instagram is getting as big as Facebook and Twitter. So if companies can benefit by strategically using Twitter and Facebook, then they surely can benefit from using Instagram as well! Learn how you can build your brand awareness thanks to Instagram with these useful tips.

Social Media Customer Service!

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With social media adoption growing daily, so are the numbers of consumers using social media to reach out to brands when they have a problem. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, a complex problem, or one that can be solved in 2 minutes it’s important to be prepared.

Hiring Social Media Talent: Beneficial Tips!

social media recruitment

Are you hiring some proficient hands in social media? What are the basic factors you are looking at? Indisputably social media has set high expectations and the candidates hired should comply with the changing norms of digital world to successfully make you a brand. If you are hiring social media experts for your organization, this article is a must read to avoid err.