Surprising Ways Celebrities Use Social Media


It’s common knowledge that social media platforms provide two-way communication between celebrities and their fans. Katy Perry tweets to 65.8 million followers and Kim Kardashian shares Instagram pictures to 26.9 million followers. While celebrities use these channels to share daily activities and promote their latest work, others have utilized social media in more surprising ways. […]

Spotify’s Hashtag Begs for Taylor Swift’s Return


This week, Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify, an online music streaming service. Rather than following Swift’s signature breakup move by writing a song, Spotify created a hashtag. With #justsayyes, Spotify’s social media strategy organizes customer complaints and encourages Swift to change her mind. We <3 @taylorswift13 but she asked us to pull her music […]

Celebrities Favor Instagram for Ambiguous Announcements

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Songwriter and singer Taylor Swift teased fans on Instagram with clues hinting toward a big announcement. Swift shared cryptic photos with 10.2 million Instagram followers, which were then shared with 42.5 Twitter followers. Rumors swirled, resulting in positive engagement, until she tweeted the formal announcement with the official hashtag #TaylorSwiftYahoo. Swift showcases her intimate relationship […]