Snapchat Infographic: 2015 and 2016 Social Media Fun Facts

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Last year’s fasting growing social network keeps getting bigger. Since its beginnings four years ago, Snapchat has expanded the platform to not only disappearing photos, but also Live stories, Snapcash, and Discover. With advertising options ranging from geofilters to video ads on Discover, the app has benefited multiple industries while maintaining a loyal following. A […]

The Future of Social Media


Will Social Media stay an increasing trend? But what about within 5 years? Here is an overview with some stats about the usage of Social Media. What do you think will be the future of Social Networks?

LinkedIn Statistics in 2013 [infographic]


This year, LinkedIn has over a billion users. It’s a huge piece of the social media pie! It is a hub for employers, the employed, and well.. everyone who wants to be employed! LinkedIn has been around since 2003, but it’s really picking up speed this year by integrating new features. Not just for people, brands and companies are setting up pages and reaching out.

How Users Interact with Google+ [Infographic] by Wishpond

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A really great infographic, created by Wishpond, that discusses User interaction on Google+. Google+ is now the world’s second most popular social media platform, which is surprising because only 8% of Americans have a G+ profile. But G+ is here to stay and it is still growing. Brands are setting up pages and interacting too!

Facebook: “Like” Women, “Share” Men


We all know that the interactions with men and women on social media can greatly vary. For example, Pinterest is mostly regarded as a social platform that women use. But what about the most popular social media platform, Facebook?

Top 10 Instagram Statistics 2013

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Instagram’s popularity has seen exponential growth since Facebook acquired the company, reaching 100 million active users just 5 months ago. As the growth continues, we thought we’d share with you our top 10 Instagram Statistics.

The Use of Social Media in School

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Infographic by Best Masters in Education: “Increasingly, teachers and schools are attempting to leverage the engaging qualities of Social Media for use in the classroom and beyond – connecting students, teachers, and parents better than ever before.”

Social Media Statistics and Facts of 2013 [INFOGRAPHIC]

Social Media 2013 stats infographic

With information from a great informative article by Jeff Bullas, we decided to put together an infographic that reflects current statistics and facts of Social Media platforms. There is a huge leap in internet usage via mobile, of course. But a big surprise is that the bracket of people over the age of 54 using social media is growing rapidly!