Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts Compete for Engagement on National Coffee Day

On national food and beverage holidays, brands look to communicate with fans over social media to celebrate their products. On September 29, people woke up with a cup of joe while reading countless social media posts recognizing National Coffee Day. America’s two largest coffee giants, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, utilized different strategies and platforms. Coffee […]

Twitter’s “Tweet-a-Coffee” Update

Remember our article about the Tweet-A-Coffee a few months ago? An analysis of the campaign, after 6 months, has shown that it was another one of Starbuck’s hits! The major coffee brand has always been very “avant-garde” with its social media presence and campaigns, and they’ve done it again! The “Tweet-a-Coffee” campaign made it easy […]

Starbucks launches “Tweet a Coffee”

via Mashable Coffee giant Starbucks is launching Tweet-a-Coffee, a beta program that lets you buy a $5 gift card for friend via Twitter. The steps are simple; Sync your Starbucks account to Twitter here Link a Credit Card to your account Send a tweet to @tweetacoffee, including the Twitter handle of the intended recipient The […]