Luxury brands reluctant towards social media

When platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were first launched, many marketers leap at the opportunity to reach the masses, whereas luxury brands chose to remain niche and elite. However, with social media becoming a key player in marketing, some of these luxury brands are beginning to see the value. Chanel has been on Twitter […]

Help fight Ebola with Facebook

Facebook announced this new initiative that hopes will encourage people to donate in order to help tackle the current Ebola outbreak. You will see the message on the top of their news feed asking for donations to several organizations that are there to help with the Ebola outbreak. Some of these include Red Cross, Save […]

Funniest Instagram accounts to follow if you’re having a bad day!

Need a pick me up? We all do! Thankfully Instagram provides for a great cure. Here are some incredibly funny, cute and inspiring accounts you should check out if you need something to lift your spirits. Thank me later. 🙂 Don’t forget to check out our first post about some awesome and funny instagram accounts […]

‘Edgar’ stops social media posts from going to waste!

It’s a known fact that most of your social media updates are only seen by a fraction of your targeted audience. This is due to a variety of different factors. The failure to reach a larger audience forces social media marketers to update more frequently, this potentially could be viewed as a annoying by your […]

How To Use Privacy Settings To Keep Your Information Secure on Social Networks

Social media is one of the most effective and well-known ways to stay in contact with those you love, as well as meet some new and interesting people. Unfortunately, with this level of access comes the concern of keeping your information safe from all of the would-be interlopers that permeate every aspect of online activity. […]

New ways people are using Instagram

Instagram is a really popular photo-sharing app these days. It has been around since October 2010 but the way we are using Instagram today is quite different compared to four years ago. Some trends that Instagram is best known for have stayed the same like the selfies, sunset photos, food photos and hashtag issues. In the […]

Trending Hashtag: #AfterSex selfie

People aren’t ashamed of anything anymore on social media. Even taboo topics such as “sex” are very common, it’s probably the most talked about topic across all social media platforms! That’s why we at Growing Social Media weren’t surprised when we noticed the latest trending hashtag: #AfterSex. When you search that particular hashtag, the feed […]

Top 5 Instagram Pictures We Have Seen TOO Much

Some people on Instagram manage it to create wonderful small pieces of art, translated into individual pictures. One of my personal favorites is the coffee art of @livscreams and the adventures of @darcytheflyinghedgehog! BUT – what really annoys me are the stereotype pictures we just have seen too much on Instagram. It’s like everyone has […]

The Future of Social Media

Will Social Media stay an increasing trend? But what about within 5 years? Here is an overview with some stats about the usage of Social Media. What do you think will be the future of Social Networks?

Manage your online presence!

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