Pinterest Pressure: Keeping Up with the Joneses

Someone said that social media is depressing. When you think about that statement, you might realize that there could be some truth in it. The claim that Pinterest can cause peer pressure is not an unfounded one, since research has shown that social media such as Pinterest can amplify peer pressure. When you think about […]

How to Stay Safe While Dating Online and Using Social Media

Looking for love is no longer what it used to be. The proliferation of social networks such as Facebook and online dating sites has changed the game tremendously. More and more people are going online to look for a mate. But how do you ensure that you stay safe? Choose a reputable, safe dating site […]

FireChat: “off-the-grid” social networking app

FireChat is a new social networking app that offers a new way to chat: “off-the-grid”. We’re skeptical, but basically is works on a framework based on location. This app has a lot of potential, so we are curious to see how it evolves! According to Gigaom, “Not only is it anonymous and ephemeral — conversation […]

Best #SelfieOlympics Of The Week

The #SelfieOlympics is the virtual “Olympics” in which everyone can participate! Just create the best and most creative selfies and share them on you social media. And with a little luck, it can go viral in a  matter of time! Here are this week’s best selfies!   A selfie in the actual Olympics!   We […]

Two Sides Of Social Networking: Useful Resource Or Waste Of Time?

Good and bad about social media

Are you reading this piece of article in front of your PC, or a Smartphone? Look at the amount of time you are utilizing on the internet and social networks. Most of the teenagers and youths are addicted to Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 24×7. Is this impacting their social lives? Not the virtual social […]

Can We Securely Trust Social Media?

Is your social account secure?

The most concerning thing on any social networking site is its security. Spammers and cyber-law miscreants are always the flip side of the computer-generated world. As most of the human civilization today is going online, this internet generation has its own share of vulnerable battering. The attack on security is probably the most threatening thing […]

Reddit – A Unique Type Of Website

What do you know about Reddit? How it actually works? What are the features of Reddit that it is called an unusual social site? Here are some interesting facts!

Joining Google Plus Is Unavoidable

Google Plus unavoidable

In the Google Plus race against Facebook, who will be the winner? Get to know some interesting updates that makes Google Plus unavoidable!

China’s Social Media: Weibo and Renren

China has their own social media networks with millions of users! Weibo and Renren are the largest social networking sites in China. Facebook and Twitter are not used in China due to firewalls and security.

Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm Update

On August 6 Facebook announced their latest update to the News Feed ranking algorithm. The goal of News Feed is to deliver the content users want to see, when they want to see it, ideally in the order they’d like.