Social Media Playing A Great Role In Saving Species From The Verge Of Extinction

Social Media Saving Species From The Verge Of Extinction

Social media is no longer being dismissed by large corporations and not-for-profit organizations as a platform for spoilt youth and folks who have spare time for meaningless chatter. Instead, it is emerging as a technology that can help scientists, conservationists and governments in saving endangered species. People are using social media networks to share images […]

Two Sides Of Social Networking: Useful Resource Or Waste Of Time?

Good and bad about social media

Are you reading this piece of article in front of your PC, or a Smartphone? Look at the amount of time you are utilizing on the internet and social networks. Most of the teenagers and youths are addicted to Facebook, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. 24×7. Is this impacting their social lives? Not the virtual social […]