Icelandic Police Force are owning Instagram


Recently the internet has discovered that the Icelandic Police Force are very active on their Instagram account. It offers a very candid insight into what they get up to when they’re patrolling about the town.  Whether it be their photos of cute animals, helping out in the community and multiple delicious snack breaks, these guys […]

Social Media Strategy: Hashtag-happy Industries

WTF Interne JCPenny hashtag

Sometimes, people use hashtags in a joking and superfluous manner- but they are intended to be used as a tool. Whereas Instagram and Tumblr use hashtags for identification purposes, Twitter and Facebook utilize hashtags to start conversation. With social media functioning as a two-way communications platform, a variety of industries have found hashtags as a […]

Manage your online presence!

Screen Shot 2013 11 11 at 1.59.41 PM

The Internet is ageless and continues far beyond the limits that you might like. In other words, what you write today may haunt you in the future. Avoid the pitfalls of social media!

Seven of the Top Social Media Mistakes

Top Social Media Mistakes9

Social Media in business can create a few hurdles. We’re so used to how we use it in our personal lives, that it’s easy to forget the rules are different. Social Fresh compiled the below list of the most top social media mistakes made by businesses. 1. No Business Goals When companies forget to tie […]

Rebecca Minkoff: NY Fashion Week on Snapchat

rebecca minkoff snapchat 1

Rebecca Minkoff will join a handful of brands who have used Social Media to debut their New York Fashion Week looks by debuting five to ten looks minutes before their runway show.

Strategic Social CRM

Strategic Social CRM

Social CRM is becoming increasingly complex as more social media sites are born. We’ve compiled a quick checklist to help develop your Social CRM strategy.

Ford’s new hiring plan – social media!


At the end of July, Ford Motor Company announced their new plans for hiring – through social media. The Michigan-based automaker said it plans to increase white-collar hiring from 2,200 to 3,000 in 2013.

The Power of Social Media: The Thankyou Story


Thankyou is an Australian social enterprise who aims to empower everyday Australians to make a difference. They recently leveraged the power of social media to achieve a massive milestone.