Upload Facebook Video: Tips and Tricks for Engagement

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Video viewership is growing by leaps, as more people are watching video on Facebook. According to Tech Crunch, there are 8 billion average daily video views from 500 million users on Facebook. Moreover, as we can see on The most watched Facebook video ranking of February via Tubular, over 4.4 million videos has been generating over 199 […]

Buffer vs Hootsuite: Who to Trust with Scheduling Strategy

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Social media strategy involves various components including text, visuals and hashtags. But even with the perfect combination of all three, engagement can lag behind expectation. That’s when automated tools can help. Scheduling content can help optimize visibility and therefore engagement. In regards to both to drafting and posting times, social media professionals typically choose between Buffer […]

Shoppers Against Black Friday Unite on Twitter

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With Black Friday approaching, both businesses and consumers prepare for bargains. While some shoppers create lists of which products to buy and stores to visit, other Americans with anti Black Friday sentiment plan their boycott behavior. In fact, consumers respond against Black Friday promotions by boycotting companies that participate in the shopping holiday (think Walmart, Best Buy, Target). However, the in-store boycott […]

Social Media Brand Fail: Shell Instagram

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Everyone may be on social media, but that doesn’t mean every brand should. Royal Dutch Shell, commonly referred to as Shell, shares Instagram photos that align with the companies mission of “manufacturing and supplying oil products and services that satisfy the needs of our customers.” And somehow the brand thought it was a good idea to create […]

The Surprising Reason Why Kylie Jenner’s App Outranks Her Sisters’

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On Tuesday, Kim, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall released their new websites and apps in SoHo, New York City. Fans and curious spectators have since downloaded the apps wondering about the written content, exclusive photos, personal videos and app interface. Yet, Kylie Jenner’s app is the only one that soared to the top of Apple’s Top […]

Rap Lyrics on Old Paintings Make Hilarious Instagrams

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Becoming “instafamous” takes invention and dedication. Generally, comedy and parody accounts have the most success as it’s naturally engaging and shareable. However, these fan-favorite accounts are becoming more predictable with recycled jokes and memes. Just look at the Fat Jewish account, which mostly posts regrams now. People looking for humor on Instagram should be excited about original, creative […]

Social Media Brand Fail: Netflix

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Netflix is all over social media. Whether talking about their latest “Netflix binge” or talking specifically about a favorite Netflix show, fans create a lot of buzz about the online streaming service. While many companies would love to capitalize on brand ambassadors promoting their services, Netflix misses the chance to engage with customers on Facebook. However, where the Netflix […]

The Three, Free Photo Apps You Need for Social Media!

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If Facebook and Instagram act as indicators, it’s clear that people love using social media to share photos. But face it- a lot of people manipulate photos to make sunsets more colorful, skin clearer and vertical pictures square. See how they do it and more with these best photo apps, which are free to download! […]

Surprising Ways Celebrities Use Social Media


It’s common knowledge that social media platforms provide two-way communication between celebrities and their fans. Katy Perry tweets to 65.8 million followers and Kim Kardashian shares Instagram pictures to 26.9 million followers. While celebrities use these channels to share daily activities and promote their latest work, others have utilized social media in more surprising ways. […]

Brands focus on #Blizzardof2015 Social Media strategies

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Brands are wasting little time tweeting around #Blizzardof2015 and #Snowmageddon2015, two hashtags already trending nationally. Toyota and GoToMyPC, a mobile app, are buying promoted Tweets around the hashtag, while DiGiorno, Red Vines and Banana Republic are having real-time fun with the potentially historic weather about to hit the East Coast. But as conditions worsen, some may begin […]

#MyAmex Instagram Campaign generated 10 million Instagram impressions

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American Express experimented with an interesting concept when they decided to try to hand over their Instagram account to other Instagrammers to see if they could inspire a buzz. The #MyAmex campaign seems to have increased engagement by 23% through this 2 week campaign. The selected Instagrammers posted a series of photos illustrating how AmEx […]

Spotify’s Hashtag Begs for Taylor Swift’s Return


This week, Taylor Swift pulled her music from Spotify, an online music streaming service. Rather than following Swift’s signature breakup move by writing a song, Spotify created a hashtag. With #justsayyes, Spotify’s social media strategy organizes customer complaints and encourages Swift to change her mind. We <3 @taylorswift13 but she asked us to pull her music […]

Taco Bell removes all social media to promote new app

Taco Bell has blacked out its online presence in order to promote their new mobile app. They have changed their Twitter handle to  @totallynothere and made it appear that there is zero content there. The content on Taco Bell’s Facebook has also been deleted apart from a series of black and white images directing users to […]

Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts Compete for Engagement on National Coffee Day

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On national food and beverage holidays, brands look to communicate with fans over social media to celebrate their products. On September 29, people woke up with a cup of joe while reading countless social media posts recognizing National Coffee Day. America’s two largest coffee giants, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts, utilized different strategies and platforms. Coffee […]