3 Reasons to Quit Social Media

You have probably been spending 20 hours a week in the social media profiles and now you feel you need to give it a break. You may find yourself entangled in Facebook so much that you do not find enough time to do more productive tasks, or you simply don’t find the social media profiles […]

Clever Ways to Keep your Social Media Marketing Updated and Engaging

According to iUniverse, social media is the latest marketing strategy that businesses can use to reach their new customers in the most effective manner. For some, building an audience in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may be easy. However, it can be challenging keeping your audience engaged and updated. A recent […]

Your Social Media Profile Could Cost you Your Dream Job

This could sound drab, but it could become the next great piece of parental advice: be careful what you post on your social profile because the eyes of a potential employer will be roving there soon and worst of all, you might not even know. Dismiss this at your own peril if you like, but […]