6 Essentials of Successful Social Media Marketing Strategy

One of the most cost-effective, yet solid techniques to increase visits to your website is quality social media marketing. Almost 90% of the global population uses social media in their everyday lives, hence, it’s a great place to increase your visibility and subsequently generate leads. Some of the most popular social media sites that you […]

Brand Fails: McDonald’s Instagram

Instagram boasts 300 million monthly active users engaging with 70 million photos per day. The platform’s popularity attracts brands from local “mom and pop” shops to the top of the Forbes 500 list. However, it’s misleading to measure social media success by the number of followers and number of likes. At first glance, McDonald’s account […]

Snapchat Infographic: 2015 and 2016 Social Media Fun Facts

Last year’s fasting growing social network keeps getting bigger. Since its beginnings four years ago, Snapchat has expanded the platform to not only disappearing photos, but also Live stories, Snapcash, and Discover. With advertising options ranging from geofilters to video ads on Discover, the app has benefited multiple industries while maintaining a loyal following. A […]

Facebook Facts 2015: Parents on Social Media

Parents on social media

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg created theFacebook for fellow Harvard University students to “search for people at your school, find out who are in your classes, look up your friends’ friends, and see a visualization of your social network.” The social network soon included other universities, then high schools, then finally work networks. According to a […]

5 social media trends that will change in 2015

Earlier this year Facebook  lost nearly one third of it’s users, people speculated this would be the end of its days, however, recent reporting reveals that Facebook has seen a record growth. In the third quarter of 2013 Facebook made nearly $2.96 billion in ad revenue and added nearly 100 million new users. What exactly […]

Luxury brands reluctant towards social media

When platforms such as Facebook and Twitter were first launched, many marketers leap at the opportunity to reach the masses, whereas luxury brands chose to remain niche and elite. However, with social media becoming a key player in marketing, some of these luxury brands are beginning to see the value. Chanel has been on Twitter […]

‘Edgar’ stops social media posts from going to waste!

It’s a known fact that most of your social media updates are only seen by a fraction of your targeted audience. This is due to a variety of different factors. The failure to reach a larger audience forces social media marketers to update more frequently, this potentially could be viewed as a annoying by your […]

What Tool to Use for Measuring Social Media Marketing Performance

If you are engaged in social media marketing, it is important to measure your rate of return on investment otherwise abbreviated as ROI. So if you have decided to intensify your social media marketing strategies, you might as well gather some tools you would be using to measure how well you are performing. According to […]

Clever Ways to Keep your Social Media Marketing Updated and Engaging

According to iUniverse, social media is the latest marketing strategy that businesses can use to reach their new customers in the most effective manner. For some, building an audience in social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram may be easy. However, it can be challenging keeping your audience engaged and updated. A recent […]

7 Social Media Tools Recommended by the pros

The best Social Media Tools

Social media is a goldmine for marketers and every effort should be expended to ensure that its potential is being realized. In order to achieve that, there are several social media tools recommended by experts to enhance your social media marketing. Here are 7 best tools to use: 1. SocialBakers Socialbakers helps you get useful stats […]

5 Proven Ways to increase fan page engagement with Facebook games

Ways to increase fan page engagement

Have you ever thought of increasing your fan page participation and wondered how to do it? Social Media Examiner suggests that engaging your customers with interactive content is one of the best methods of increasing your social media Return on Investment (ROI). You’ve got to find out ways of providing your customers with shareable content […]

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Followers On Social Networks

social media marketing

Social networking sites are at their best apparently for business endeavors; a worldwide forum for efficient marketing and collective feedback. In fact, such level of global connectivity makes for a fool proof plan of buyers to check brand reviews on Facebook or Twitter before buying anything. What businesses require now is a huge referral value […]