Consumers React to Social Media Platforms’ Biggest Failures

Social Media platforms are known to test the limits of technology, as well as the limits of their users. Many platforms have introduced updates and expansions that have grown their user base. However, when a platform forces a new feature— whether to improve time on site, branding, or advertising impressions— customers are not shy about […]

Hilarious Social Media Blunders

If you are looking for a good laugh, just log in to your favorite social media accounts. You can’t believe some of the social media blunders you read, but it sure gives us a good time! Check out Growing Social Media’s favorite social media blunders: What’s your favorite social media blunder? Let us know in […]

The funniest social media posts ever!

Social media is the number 1 source to find the most entertaining posts ever. Sometimes it might be somewhat rude, but we must admit that even these are hard not to laugh about sometimes! There are many, many, many of those funny posts spread all across the Internet. So, the Growing Social Media team searched […]