Five D-List Celebrities with Better Engagement Than Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian may be the Queen of Instagram, but every royal needs perspective. As the most-followed Instagram user, @KimKardashian shares selfies with 47 million users. Of course it comes with its perks: her Instagrams make news headlines and she’s a recommended person to follow for any new Instagram user. But the sign of a successful social media platform must […]

The Surprising Reason Why Kylie Jenner’s App Outranks Her Sisters’

On Tuesday, Kim, Khloe, Kylie and Kendall released their new websites and apps in SoHo, New York City. Fans and curious spectators have since downloaded the apps wondering about the written content, exclusive photos, personal videos and app interface. Yet, Kylie Jenner’s app is the only one that soared to the top of Apple’s Top […]