Snapchat Our Story Invites the Public to Exclusive Events

The world’s most talked about events can now be the world’s most accessible with Snapchat’s Our Story. The feature allows people at a specific event to contribute 10-second video clips or pictures to a curated story that appears on every user’s screen. Similar to the My Story feature, users can only access the media for 24 hours. […]

New York Fashion Week And Social Media

New York Fashion Week And Social Media

As Fashion week is doing the rounds around the globe, it has set American glamour industry blazing hot. The acme event of the American Fashion World is always very swanky, and the whole world gets set their eyes to its razzmatazz. Now, thanks to social media, any high-profile event can be witnessed from any part […]

New York Fashion Week’s Most Engaging Brands!

If you have read our previous post about New York Fashion Week, you already know about the best fashion brands and their social media campaigns during this season’s Fashion Week. Here they are again, but somewhat more visual this time! Which social media campaign did you like the most? We would like to know!   Designer […]

Rebecca Minkoff: NY Fashion Week on Snapchat

Rebecca Minkoff will join a handful of brands who have used Social Media to debut their New York Fashion Week looks by debuting five to ten looks minutes before their runway show.