Is SMS Marketing useful?

SMS Scams

Is SMS Marketing useful or not? That is the question for this brand new article. What is SMS Marketing? “Marketing through cellphones”. First of all, SMS stands for Short Message Service. This service became popular in the early 2000s. Businesses started to collect mobile phone numbers and send off content. On average, SMS messages are […]

Infinity is almost here

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I’m pretty sure that BT doesn’t get a lot of online orders at 230am most days. Last night however I thought I would see how the march towards BT Infinity was coming on. The last time I looked the scheduled date for availability in Hook, Hampshire was June. June! Anyway. I was up soothing the […]

Wishful thinking from Microsoft

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A video conference From a British train Almost impossible for more than 20 seconds, surely (I found this advert on the train to Basingstoke) The post Wishful thinking from Microsoft appeared first on Mobile Industry Review. Original article here

Pinterest Revamps Design

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This week, social media site Pinterest has announced their upcoming new redesign. This is the new look with bigger pictures and more discovery features that it first began testing back in January, with the proviso that if it proved popular it would roll it out more widely. This week, Pinterest said it would be turning it on for everyone, with invites to all appearing soon.

BlackBerry gets the Evening Standard treatment

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You can’t launch a handset in the UK nowadays without doing a full wrap of the London Evening Standard newspaper. I am sure this advertising will be turning a lot of heads, especially the ‘stop pausing start peaking’ message. The post BlackBerry gets the Evening Standard treatment appeared first on Mobile Industry Review. Original article […]

Fantastical: The calendar app that changed my life

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Somebody recommended Fantastical to me a little while ago. I can’t remember who it was. But I’m thankful that they did. It’s a really, really smart overlay application — that is, it sits on top of your existing iPhone calendar system — and offers, in my view, a much nicer interface. That made it very […]