FounderFox App: Startup Central

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Earlier this summer, Seattle-based entrepreneurs Kori Handy and Mitchell Porter launched the FounderFox app to help startups reach investors and media. Founders can upload a 1 to 2 minute video of their pitch and the FounderFox app selects the best videos to be posted. Porter said the app aims to “to kill off some of […]

Social Media Trends: Video Messaging Apps to Sour

Social media trends for video messaging apps

The rise of social media technology has also come with it new apps such as video and messaging apps. For a lot of people, video messaging app that can be installed in their phones might be all that they need to get by and communicate with their friends and families. The future of video messaging […]

Facebook, Twitter & Google Battle it out for Mobile App Ad Gold Mine

Internet giants battle for mobile app ad gold mine

None of the three internet Giants: Facebook, Google & Twitter are ready to be left out in the mobile ad gold rush. Each of them is making frantic efforts to grab as much revenue there is left in the mobile advertisement industry. It is expected that Facebook will present its plans for mobile advertisement network […]

Use Vine for Small Business Marketing

vine app iphone

Taking into considering how Vine has taken the world by storm, it’s probably best to start thinking outside the box about how you can use this latest platform to promote your business!