The One Rule for LinkedIn

LinkedIn users vary. There are those that log in every day, like recruiters or head hunters. Then, there are those that only log in when they need something, like a new job or a new connection. But every LinkedIn user should follow one simple rule: update your LinkedIn every six months. It’s easy to get […]

Social Media Apps: Battle of the Generations

“Mom, you can’t zoom in on Instagram.” (Gives Mom phone the next day to show her a post), “Mom, you still can’t zoom in on Instagram!” Yep, we’re going there, generation gap when it comes to social media apps. If your a millennial, like me, how many times have you found yourself explaining the different […]

‘Edgar’ stops social media posts from going to waste!

It’s a known fact that most of your social media updates are only seen by a fraction of your targeted audience. This is due to a variety of different factors. The failure to reach a larger audience forces social media marketers to update more frequently, this potentially could be viewed as a annoying by your […]

I’m a Barbie Girl, in the LinkedIn World

LinkedIn’s online resume and job search features are no longer limited to working professionals. Barbie is now on the social network site with her profile summarizing, “I got my big break in 1959 to inspire girls to dream big. Since then I’ve had 150+ careers, but my true calling remains – encourage generations of girls […]

Golden Social Gurus: LinkedIn!

Our two LinkedIn Golden Gurus are Ryan Holmes and Eve Mayer! LinkedIn: a social networking website for people in professional occupations.

LinkedIn profile must-haves

LinkedIn is a social networking website for people in professional occupations. You create your profile with your personal information, your education, your experience etc. On LinkedIn you can join groups, follow companies and look for job opportunities. Here are some tips to make the best out of it. Use keywords Make sure your profile appears […]

Manage your online presence!

The Internet is ageless and continues far beyond the limits that you might like. In other words, what you write today may haunt you in the future. Avoid the pitfalls of social media!

LinkedIn Mobile Updates

With the release of iOS 7, many app wielding sites have taken the opportunity to refresh their look and functionality – LinkedIn is no exception with their latest LinkedIn Mobile Updates. 1. Image Redesign LinkedIn have refreshed their look for LinkedIn for iPhone and Pulse for iPhone and iPad with a flatter, cleaner and more modern […]

Is Linkedin Really Worth Paying For?

There is no denying the fact that Linkedin has over the years become an invaluable platform for all job seekers, but are some of its services really worth paying for? Let’s take a closer look and find out what kind of paid services you can avail of and if they worth the money: A badge […]

LinkedIn Statistics in 2013 [infographic]

This year, LinkedIn has over a billion users. It’s a huge piece of the social media pie! It is a hub for employers, the employed, and well.. everyone who wants to be employed! LinkedIn has been around since 2003, but it’s really picking up speed this year by integrating new features. Not just for people, brands and companies are setting up pages and reaching out.

Facebook takes on LinkedIn!

Facebook have added a fully discoverable “skills” option to user profiles, as discovered by blog and is a blatant copy from the popular Professional Social Networking site LinkedIn. While more and more employers are turning to Facebook for recruiting, it’s usually more to find out who the prospective employee really is, not how they want to appear.

Hiring Social Media Talent: Beneficial Tips!

Are you hiring some proficient hands in social media? What are the basic factors you are looking at? Indisputably social media has set high expectations and the candidates hired should comply with the changing norms of digital world to successfully make you a brand. If you are hiring social media experts for your organization, this article is a must read to avoid err.

The Women of Social Media [INFOGRAPHIC]

A recent report from the Pew Research Center found that the percentage of female Internet users who use social networking sites well surpasses that of men (75% vs. 63%, respectively.)

The Best and Worst times to post on Social Networks [INFOGRAPHIC]

By KJ Mason. I found this great infographic from Social Caffeine by Lori Taylor. Check it out, social media gurus!   You know your brand is underperforming on social media, but what can you do about it? So, you’ve signed up for Twitter and Facebook. Now what? You’re ready to start engaging, that’s what! Start posting […]