Cool Instagram Bios with Emojis To Try


Some of the coolest Instagram bios out there only involve emojis. In fact, emojis are the easiest way to describe yourself to your followers without burdening yourself by constructing those complicated, time-consuming things known as sentences. For example, take: This emoji sequence is so much easier to create and more entertaining than: “I am a […]

Growing Social Media Strategies: Organic, Free Methods

growing social media

Growing your social media starts with strategy. Any individual or business looking to increase the number of followers, likes and comments needs to consider the fundamentals of each platform and how users engage with the platform. On Snapchat, follower count and number of likes means nothing. On the other hand, gaining Instagram followers and getting likes is […]

Facebook Facts 2015: Parents on Social Media

Parents on social media

In 2004, Mark Zuckerberg created theFacebook for fellow Harvard University students to “search for people at your school, find out who are in your classes, look up your friends’ friends, and see a visualization of your social network.” The social network soon included other universities, then high schools, then finally work networks. According to a […]

Attention marketers: make the most out of social media posts


It’s time to get creative about the ways you can reach out to people when social media imposes restrictions upon you. Here are 5 examples of how marketers are winning at social media according to Garrett Sloane from Adweek: 1. Selling on Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter A company named Zantler launched Shoppost which enables Amazon Webstore […]

5 social media trends that will change in 2015

Social Media Touch HD

Earlier this year Facebook  lost nearly one third of it’s users, people speculated this would be the end of its days, however, recent reporting reveals that Facebook has seen a record growth. In the third quarter of 2013 Facebook made nearly $2.96 billion in ad revenue and added nearly 100 million new users. What exactly […]

‘Edgar’ stops social media posts from going to waste!

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It’s a known fact that most of your social media updates are only seen by a fraction of your targeted audience. This is due to a variety of different factors. The failure to reach a larger audience forces social media marketers to update more frequently, this potentially could be viewed as a annoying by your […]

Twitter’s “Tweet-a-Coffee” Update


Remember our article about the Tweet-A-Coffee a few months ago? An analysis of the campaign, after 6 months, has shown that it was another one of Starbuck’s hits! The major coffee brand has always been very “avant-garde” with its social media presence and campaigns, and they’ve done it again! The “Tweet-a-Coffee” campaign made it easy […]

Social Media Helps Co-Workers Bond

Social media building bonds

Experts have now proven the fact that social media helps workers bond. Although social networking is spilling into the workplace, experts think it is mostly a good thing. It is a good feeling knowing that there are co-workers who have the same interests as yours. Social networking has become an avenue for people to develop […]

New ways people are using Instagram


Instagram is a really popular photo-sharing app these days. It has been around since October 2010 but the way we are using Instagram today is quite different compared to four years ago. Some trends that Instagram is best known for have stayed the same like the selfies, sunset photos, food photos and hashtag issues. In the […]

Trending Hashtag: #AfterSex selfie


People aren’t ashamed of anything anymore on social media. Even taboo topics such as “sex” are very common, it’s probably the most talked about topic across all social media platforms! That’s why we at Growing Social Media weren’t surprised when we noticed the latest trending hashtag: #AfterSex. When you search that particular hashtag, the feed […]

Best #SelfieOlympics Of The Week


The #SelfieOlympics is the virtual “Olympics” in which everyone can participate! Just create the best and most creative selfies and share them on you social media. And with a little luck, it can go viral in a  matter of time! Here are this week’s best selfies!   A selfie in the actual Olympics!   We […]

Golden Social Guru: Instagram and Pinterest!

GSM Social Guru Featured 1

Visual social media sites are growing in popularity and are fast for becoming the top social media networks in 2014! Instagram: an online photo-sharing, video-sharing and social networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, apply digital filters to them, and share them on a variety of social networking services, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. and Pinterest: a pinboard-style photo-sharing website that allows users to create and […]

Golden Social Gurus: Facebook!

GSM Social Guru Featured 1

Our two Facebook Golden Gurus are Mari Smith and Amy Porterfield! Facebook is the number one social network, and these two are ruling it!

Golden Social Gurus: Twitter!

GSM Social Guru Featured 1

Twitter is a huge part of social media today, with most brands, celebrities and everyday people using it multiple times a day to share content, brand messages and much, much more. Our two Twitter Golden Gurus are Sean Gardner and Kim Garst!