Golden Social Gurus: Google Plus!

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Google Plus is moving up the social media network ranks like wildfire! What was once an invite-only network, is now in the running to beat out Facebook as the top platform! Check out our top G+ Golden Social Gurus!

Google Hangouts – The Latest Way To Hang Out

The new Google hangout

Google hangout is a service from the search engine giant that is also called a feature in Google Plus. Google+ is a social networking and self-service owned and operated by Google Inc. It is the second-largest social networking site in the world, have beaten Twitter in January 2013. It has roughly 359 million dynamic users. […]

Google Plus Profiles: Should I Activate Custom URL Offered?

Google Plus Custom URL

So what is this Google Plus Custom URL that everyone is talking about? Basically, Google+ custom URL is a new ‘face lift’ for the old and long Google URL and are short, easy to remember web addresses that link you directly to your Google Plus profile or page. This feature is being offered to the […]

Google Plus for Companies: Should you use Google Apps or Gmail?

Google plus for business

Many companies are apprehensive about using Google Plus because of its overwhelming complexity. In actuality, it shouldn’t be so. Google Plus as an established social media network has had a late start compared to other popular media sites. But, it does encompass superb engineering and a strong data-driven design. So, seemingly, businesses need a brainwash […]

The Value Of Google Authorship

Value Of Google Authorship

Google Authorship is a way for Google to display who the author of the content on that specific page is. Basically in 2005, Google filed a patent for “Agent Rank”, which translates into Google wanting to have content that is produced by trustworthy and popular agents/authors on a higher rank than that of less credible […]

Joining Google Plus Is Unavoidable

Google Plus unavoidable

In the Google Plus race against Facebook, who will be the winner? Get to know some interesting updates that makes Google Plus unavoidable!

Google Plus Author Attribution and Embedded Posts

Google Plus

Last week Google announced the introduction of two new, amazing features to their Google plus social media platform – Author Attribution and Embedded posts. Author Attribution Google Plus has further integrated with Google’s Authorship Program – where an author’s profile picture shows up next to their articles/posts in search. With the new author attribution you […]

How Users Interact with Google+ [Infographic] by Wishpond

googleplus users world

A really great infographic, created by Wishpond, that discusses User interaction on Google+. Google+ is now the world’s second most popular social media platform, which is surprising because only 8% of Americans have a G+ profile. But G+ is here to stay and it is still growing. Brands are setting up pages and interacting too!

Social Media usage in the Workplace by XpertHR [INFOGRAPHIC]

Screen Shot 2013 07 18 at 11.49.43 AM

A recent survey conducted by and XpertHR shows that social media use on the whole continues to rise. Also on the rise is the number of individuals who use social media while they are at work and the number of employers who use it for recruiting purposes.

Conversation Control: Improve Online Customer Reviews!

Improve Online Reviews

Top sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor and Amazon all fall under a continuously growing and shifting segment of “Review Forums.” These Review Forums are extensive, and it is inarguable that they have the greatest impact on consumer purchasing.