The Funniest and Weirdest Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Looking for funny or weird Instagram accounts to follow? While hilarious friends, celebrities and comedians have a lot to offer, so do these targeted accounts. We hope this list makes you laugh or at least makes you wonder what kind of person thought to make these accounts in the first place. Beige Cardigan Posting the […]

Funniest Instagrams: Girl Edition!

Instagram serves many purposes today. Sure it’s a valuable marketing tool and an effective one at that. Instagram has the power to evoke emotions of hunger and the desire for self improvement. Despite its innate abilities to make you hungry, teach you fashion tips and make you feel like you should definitely work out more, […]

Funniest Instagram accounts to follow if you’re having a bad day!

Need a pick me up? We all do! Thankfully Instagram provides for a great cure. Here are some incredibly funny, cute and inspiring accounts you should check out if you need something to lift your spirits. Thank me later. 🙂 Don’t forget to check out our first post about some awesome and funny instagram accounts […]