Cyber Bullying on Social Media: Cause & Effect

Cyber-bullying incidents have become common, especially on social media. And the fact that most people think that posting from anonymous accounts will get away with it makes it even more common. It’s far from uncommon that we see news headlines about some awful acts that come from bullying, now even more from behind smartphone and […]

Cyber Bullying in 2015: How We Can Stop It

Earlier this month, Lena Dunham told Ryan Seacret on the Golden Globes’ red carpet that she began distancing herself from Twitter because of online harassment. Seacrest inappropriately shrugged off her comment and viewers became enraged. Bulling, in any medium, is wrong. And to ignore it’s existence is a terrible fault. By sharing her experience, Dunham […]

Parental Control and Social Media

Parental control and social media

Have your children been bullied online? Have you taken the steps to prevent this? Get to know some facts about parental control and social media misuse.

Cyber-Bullying is a growing concern

Cyber bullying

New teen bullying stories are making the headlines and once again bullying has become a national concern. The growing popularity of social networks and the access that teenagers have to the internet connected devices completely undermine all the efforts that have been made to reduce the amount of bullying. One of the more recent tragedies […]