Brand Fails: McDonald’s Instagram

Instagram boasts 300 million monthly active users engaging with 70 million photos per day. The platform’s popularity attracts brands from local “mom and pop” shops to the top of the Forbes 500 list. However, it’s misleading to measure social media success by the number of followers and number of likes. At first glance, McDonald’s account […]

Social Media Customer Service!

With social media adoption growing daily, so are the numbers of consumers using social media to reach out to brands when they have a problem. Whether it’s Facebook or Twitter, a complex problem, or one that can be solved in 2 minutes it’s important to be prepared.

Shared Photo Albums on Facebook

Facebook have launched their new “Shared Photo Albums” feature, which means the days of trudging through 50 Facebook albums from 1 event are OVER!

Strategic Social CRM

Strategic Social CRM

Social CRM is becoming increasingly complex as more social media sites are born. We’ve compiled a quick checklist to help develop your Social CRM strategy.

Outreach with Twitter: French bank, Société Générale

Here on Growing Social Media, we are always talking about brands and companies that are active and interacting with customers on social media. One case of awesome customer service is with the French bank, Société Générale.

Only 30% of Top Brands Have Customer Service Twitter Handles

Research from social media analytics firm Simply Measured shows that “30% of the of the companies in the Interbrand 100 — which ranks businesses based on financial status, how the brand influences purchasing decisions and how strong the brand is — now have dedicated customer service handles on Twitter as a way to divert negative attention and activity away from their primary brand account.”